Friday, December 21, 2012

We are officially back up and running!  Our faithful netbook bit the dust a few months ago, and we have finally been able to get a new lap top. It is difficult to try and type a post on my phone! It has been a few months since I posted. Sarah Jane celebrated her first birthday in September- we had a cherry themed birthday party.  She is growing beautifully and continue to be such a joy.  Samuel is doing great in 5th grade- the transition to intermediate school went smoothly. We celebrated his 11th birthday in October. When did he get so old?? We were unable to go to Chicago this year like we usually do because we had a conflict on that weekend.  The Lions Eye Bank held a luncheon to honor all the cornea donors in the past year, which included Luke.  We were able to share a picture of him and a short blurb about him. We then were able to find out that his corneas were both successfully transplanted into two people that live in New York. They both regained vision because of Luke. We were overwhelmed with thankfulness that Luke's beautiful brown eyes have improved the quality of life for two people. Benjamin is enjoying 2nd grade and doing well- especially in math.  We had a great time this fall watching him run cross country for the first time.  He placed 5th at the State Tournament and then went on to the regional meet in Chicago.  He placed 12th and qualified for Nationals in New Mexico!  I did not work out for us to go our West, but we were so proud of his hard work and effort that helped him go that far.  He and Keith run together a lot which they both really enjoy. I started working full time in October which has been a VERY difficult transition. I am getting used to it and am so thankful that Keith is such a rock star Dad. He is by himself three nights and mornings a week and does an amazing job. We are in our second round of holidays, events, and plain life without Luke. Thanksgiving was hard this year- last year we took the boys to Disney World and just kind of escaped. I found myself in Mejier last month buying some gifts for the boys when I found something that I thought Luke would like- before I caught myself. I then realized that I was shopping for an 8 year old Luke. Luke would be almost 10. What would be into now? What would be enjoy? I don't know 10 year old Luke. I had to smile though. His "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" song that we played at the funeral came on over the speakers. Coincidence I am sure, but it was pretty amazing. I cannot say that missing him has gotten any better. Life is not easier. But I am learning how to live without him. We have done our best to enjoy the holidays- remembering the past and making the present special for the kids. We are so blessed and thankful this holiday season. Blessings to all! Erin

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