Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Samuel Butler, MD

Bless his heart, Samuel over the last three years has tried really hard to diagnose Luke.  He has many different theories on why his blood vessels got so crazy. He always asks if I think that his theories are right and I never know what to say.  He was really thinking about it last evening and spoke for at least 30 minutes about his latest theory.  Benjamin said something interesting to me last night.  We were talking about Luke and I asked him what he does to help him feel better when he is sad about Luke.  He said that he thinks about him, but then said that that made it worse.  He also told me that Samuel told him that it makes him sad to talk about and remember Luke. The boys have done so well but there is more circling under the surface than we know or see.  Hoping that we can continue to help the boys with what they need as they need it.  My heart breaks for them. I know how hard this has been for me to process, and I am not a little boy. We have actually had a good couple of days. It has been busy.  Our furnace stopped working, but thankfully we just needed a new "mother board" instead of a new furnace. That will be eventually, but we are hoping to hold off for as long as we can.  That was one cold night in our house!  Down to 55 in the house!  Sarah slept right through it, but Samuel was not pleased to take his jammies off and get dressed!  I have decided to go back to work on schedule- my first shift back (again) will be the 21st.  I have tried to put some things in place to support going back and I think that it will be a good thing in the long run.  Blessings, Erin

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  1. We had to replace the motherboard in our furnace this year. FUN TIMES.

    Think of youg guys all the time. We love you!