Friday, December 23, 2011

Sarah's Baptism

My wonderful sister in law, Elizabeth, did a beautiful job with pictures from Sarah's baptism. I did not bring my camera, but she has posted them on her blog, "Life with the Mendenhalls".  She always captures such beautiful moments.  Sarah's day was filled with our wonderful family and a deep sense that our sweet baby girl is here for a purpose- she has brought such joy to our family.  Much needed distraction.  I remember with such love the days that Samuel, Luke, and Benjamin were surrounded by our family for their baptisms.  Keith and my promise to raise the children in the church and the chance to commit their lives to God was and is so important to us.  Sarah was so sweet in her dress that my Mom got for her. So thankful for all the support from our friends and family.
We have had three family Christmases already.  We did okay, but it is so hard.  It feels so obvious that we are not all here. Luke's absence is deafening.  It is very important to Keith and I that holidays remain good for our children and nieces and nephews.  We can still enjoy each other as family and have a fun time together.  But the energy it takes to keep it all together right now is draining.
Merry Christmas to you from our family!  Erin

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